You want to be interviewed in the media and/or speak on stages...

But how do you find the gigs???

Imagine if you had great opportunities delivered to your phone and all you had to do was submit yourself....

Meet Cindy Ashton & Christina Daves!

Their Get PR Famous™ & Speak From Your Power™ app is filled with amazing resources to go from being Established to Known™ in your industry, including...

Ongoing speaking and media opportunities sent right to your phone!

And, at no cost to you!!!

To get started, please follow ALL the instructions below:

Step One: Download Our App


Step Two: Watch the Video to Get Notified
for Media & Speaking Opportunities


1. Click the top left menu and "register" as a user.

2. Go back to the home page and look for the button that says "Track Now"

3. For media opportunities:
Enter tracking code: 833752

4. For speaking opportunities:
Enter tracking code: 867552

5. You can enter each one separately. Just go back to Track Now.

Step Three: Share this Opportunity with Your Friends

We are excited to see you going for it. The app is free as you know, all we ask is that you spread the good news ... your friends and colleagues will thank you for it!

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