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An exclusive, by application only,

"get shit done" membership program.

Grab a cup of your favorite something and join us weekly to pitch the media or submit for speaking engagements or... perhaps both!

We can even help you with prospecting (pitching) clients and customers.

Led by:

On-Air Host & Get PR FamousStrategist,
Christina Daves

Award-Winning TV Host & Speak from Your Power Trainer Cindy Ashton

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By application only - ONLY 5 New Members/Month

If you are looking for press attention,
what media outlets do you want to appear in?

If you want to get on stages,
what events do you see yourself as the keynote speaker?

Where are your potential clients and customers and are you getting the right
message out to them that they need to be hearing to work with you?

Anything is possible but consider this...

The top 7 reasons why you may be putting yourself out there and not seeing your desired results are because you are:

😟Unsure of where to find the right opportunities

😟Wasting time by pitching without positioning

😟Delivering a message lacking differentiation

😟Sending pitches that are too long

😟Failing to show the decision-maker how you can serve their audience

😟Challenged with showcasing your expertise as a value add

😟Not grabbing their attention with your subject line

It's like anything. It's a skill. The more you do it (and with expert guidance),
the more you get results.

The Pitch Club Café will have you pitching every week.

You Will Master How to:

Grab Attention in Less than 3 Seconds

Your subject line is everything. If you don't "Hook" them, they may not even open your email or read your pitch.

Position Your Message to the Opportunity

No more generic pitches that get deleted. Craft a message that shows how your value and makes them say YES!

Long-Term, Lucrative

Stop randomly pitching and pissing people off. Instead learn the art of creating authentic connections.

Be Seen as a Credible & Professional Expert

Don't get ignored or blackballed by journalists and meeting planners because of bad pitching practices

And guess what!!!

Learning all these skills will change
your entire business


All the skills you learn will automatically be transferred into how you communicate in ALL parts of your business including...

💲Understanding your prospect's needs more deeply, which increases conversions

⭐Creating attention-grabbing social media posts that get engagement

🤝🏼Knowing the process to find strategic partnerships and sponsorships

📌Being succinct and to the point in your emails

🎤Delivering talks that move your audience into action

💡How to ask for what you want by positioning your 'ask' from power

✨Creating win-win relationships and deals

And more!

Our Track Record

With over 40 years of combined experience, Christina and Cindy have:


People served


Speaking Engagements


Media Interviews


Views on Media

What's included in the
Pitch Club Café?

Weekly Pitching Sessions on Zoom

Imagine a dedicated hour each week where you shut everything down, grab a cup of your favorite drink and commit to getting on Zoom and going after your dreams.

You can use that time to:

  • Write your pitches, get feedback and send them off
  • Ask questions
  • Research possible media and/or speaking opportunities

Weekly "What to Pitch the Media" List

Pitching your topic won't get you very far unless it's tied to something that is trending in the news, a holiday, or something timely. It's all about being "newsworthy!" And we have you covered!

Get the Scoop on:

  • What's hot in the news
  • Current holidays
  • Cause awareness days and months


BONUS #1 • $1000 Value

Access to Special Virtual Events with High Profile Guests

How would your business change and your ability to rise as a known leader if you were able to get up close and personal with top industry experts and celebrities and be able to ask them your questions?

You will meet:

  • Producers and journalists from recognizable media outlets
  • Speaker managers/agents and meeting planners 
  • Celebrities and top thought leaders

BONUS #2 • $500 Value

Extra Pop Up "Hot Seat" Sessions

It's one thing to know how to pitch, it's another to know how to deliver a media interview or a talk that spotlights your brilliance and moves people into action on what you have to say.

Types of "Hot Seats":

  • On-camera and media coaching
  • Getting coached on your talk
  • Role-playing sales conversations with meeting planners

BONUS #3 • $500 Value

Special Virtual Workshops

How can you build your brand visibility so journalists and meeting planners see YOU as the expert? And once you land media attention and get on stages, how do you leverage all that visibility?

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Speaking Hot Seats - Nov
  • Create Your Annual Media Pitching Calendar - Dec
  • Q&A with Our Media Panel - Jan
  • Developing a Speaker Kit that Sells - Feb
  • Negotiating Higher Speaking Fees - Mar

BONUS #4 • $500 Value

First Dibs on Media & Speaking Opportunities

We often have journalists and speaking agents asking us who we know when opportunities arise.

YOU, as a Pitch Club Café member, will get notified when we get the listing. You will have 24 hours to get your submission in before we announce the opportunity to the public.

That's a $2500 value in Bonuses,

Yours FREE when you join*

*Please review pricing below before applying

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Meet Christina and Cindy!


On-Air Host &
Get PR Famous™ Strategist

In  2010, I invented a product, fashion accessories for medical boots.   Everyone loved the concept but what I didn’t consider was that I had created an entirely new space in the marketplace. No one knew they  “needed” to decorate their boots. We had mortgaged our house to pay for manufacturing so when the product arrived, I had no money left for advertising or hiring a PR firm.

I started doing a ton of research and became a DIY-PR expert. In my first year in business I appeared in over 50 media outlets including The Steve Harvey Show, Dr. Oz, and my local FOX and NBC stations. Once I started getting media exposure and seeing what that did for my business, I knew I had to keep going. To date, I’ve appeared in over 1,000 media outlets, appear regularly on Good Morning Washington, and am a guest host on QVC.

I know what PR can do for a business. I've seen it first hand and I've seen it with my clients. They use the credibility and authority that comes with it, as well as the visibility and they grow their business tremendously.

There is nothing I love more than turning on my television or flipping through a magazine and seeing a client there - WOW!!! I'm like a proud momma bear.

When I'm not on stage, screen, or with our clients, I love going to the beach with my family, taking long walks or bike rides with my husband Steve, watching hockey (Go Caps!) or college football (Go Hokies!) and enjoying a nice glass of Chardonnay.


Award-Winning TV Host &

Speak from Your Power™ Trainer

I immigrated to the US right after the 2008 economic crash. Although I had an established career singing opera, doing comedy shows and being a 2X nationally published Educational Consultant, suddenly I found myself in a new country, with no connections and during the worst possible time. I had just spent $100,000 in the immigration process and had nothing left to invest.

As a performing artist, it is all about connection and delivering the right message for the right audience. I got out there and 'figured out' how to market myself on social media and land media to gain visibility.

Within a year, I was performing with Emmy® winners, sharing stages as a speaker with some of the biggest names on the planet, landing massive press and even got an award from the U.S. President.

The power of how you position your message to get attention and get booked is everything. I love working with our clients on how to bring out their best self in their presentation style, communicate their message to the world and be an A-Lister in their Industry!

When I am not on stage, screen or with our clients, I love to travel the world, play with my sister's dogs and have crazy adventures (I once got knocked over by an ass while hiking up a cliff in Greece!).  

Note: Pitch Club Café is facilitated by Cindy, Christina and their team of experts.


"I had five calls from potential clients from the time I left the television studio (after the live segment aired) until I got back in the office"

- Antrina Curry, RN, Founder, Caring Hearts with Healing Hands Home Care

"With you, within 3 months, I can already attribute $600,000 in sales in the next year from what we are doing now."

- Doug Brown, Former President of Sales for Tony Robbins & CEO of Business Success Factors

"I was published in the Washington Post within a month of pitching my story idea. This resulted in acquiring 5 million dollar plus listings in 6 weeks"

- Dustin Fox, Realtor, Pearson Smith Realty

"My ability to command the stage and convert sales has gone up at least 200%. I have a flow that gets my message across with clarity.

- Dana Pharant, Trusted Advisor and Business Performance Coach

"With Christina Daves’ guidance, I was able to leverage and amplify the work I had been doing and gain national media exposure."

- Denise Graziano, Graziano Associates

"The framework and content are structured so that you actually built a better platform, created a sound marketing strategy, and gained insights to speaking that only an accomplished ground breaking presence like Cindy can provide."

- Paul Rosenberg, Tertia Oculus Business Synergies

"I got my first “call back” They invited me to be on the show a second time! WOW! Christina, this stuff works like you said! WOW! Very exciting!"

- Adam Cali, Principal Consultant, Arc Human Capital

"After only 5 sessions with Cindy Ashton, my close rate doubled. The missing piece was how to present myself in a way that forms a deeper connection with my prospects so they feel compelled to buy."

- Paul Fernandez, CEO & Designer at Kitchen Koncierge

This IS for you if you:

  • Want real media attention and/or bigger speaking gigs and the credibility that comes with it.
  • Are done with wasting time trying to get seen and ready to commit one hour a week to see results.
  • Are ready to own your unique voice and be seen as a powerful force on this earth.
  • Value working with consultants and trainers who have a proven track record of results and have achieved the success you are seeking.
  • Want to build your public profile because you crave to see your mission grow.

This is NOT for you if you:

  • Are looking for a quick fix (such as getting fake press).
  • Like buying into hype (such as paying to get on stages with high profile people).
  • Would rather pitch people cold instead of taking the time to create meaningful connections.
  • Want canned scripts, tools and systems that aren’t customized for you.
  • Don’t have a niche in your expertise and you believe you can sell to everyone.
  • Are ego driven, not purpose driven.

Your Investment to Get Booked
in the Media and on Stages

Pitch Club Café Membership

  • Weekly Pitching Sessions on Zoom
  • Weekly "What to Pitch the Media" List
  • PR101 Fast Track Digital Course + Lucrative Bookings Digital Course

  • Access to Special Virtual Events with High Profile Guests
  • Pop Up "Hot Seat" Sessions
  • Special Virtual Workshops
  • First Dibs on Media & Speaking Opportunities
  • First Dibs on Getting Feedback on Calls
  • Private email access to both Christina and Cindy to ask questions, edit pitches and get feedback (1 pitch review/week)


*Includes an online assessment bonus so you check out when the media or speaking bookers check you out.

$8997 - annually, or

$4997 (6-month membership)

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Have questions before applying? Send us an email at concierge@getprfamous.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this club by application only?

You deserve to be in an environment where you are seen, heard, and respected. That's where you will flourish, have sustainable growth, and see ongoing results. Talk to any of our previous or current clients and they will tell you how everyone in the group is amazing and are great people to connect with.

When are the weekly pitch sessions and what if I can't make it?

Every Wednesday from 11 am to 12 pm ET. If you can't make it, email your pitch to our concierge at least 12 hours in advance. We will provide feedback on the call and you can listen to the replay.

What if I don't have anything to pitch?

Easy peezy. You have several options. Here are a few:
1. Come to class and listen in. Observing is an excellent way to pick up tools and strategies you can use in your own business.

2. Bring a recent social media post to class and we can give you feedback on how to make it attention-grabbing.

3. Use the time during class to start researching new speaking and/or media leads.

What's the cost to bring a team member?

You may be too busy to pitch yourself or perhaps you want your team member to work with you on the pitches. Great!
There is no cost to bring your team member as long as they are ONLY pitching for you. If they start pitching for themselves or someone else, you will need to pay for an additional membership or we will need to remove them from the program.

Is there a refund policy?

Members who follow along with the program, go through all the materials, and actively take part in their learning experience will see ongoing growth in their business. While there is a 6-month minimum commitment, if you have actively participated in at least 2 of the weekly pitches sessions in the first month and don't see the value, you may cancel your membership.

What if I have questions or need support?

Once enrolled you’ll receive information from us on how best to contact us via email for questions about your membership, or our technical support team for any system (online access or performance) issues.

Are you ready?

Get your voice heard through media, on stages, or in every aspect of your business, starting today!

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Do you have more questions? Email us at concierge@getprfamous.com