As an established business owner,

is getting your message out to only

your current circle enough for you?

Do you want more?

If you can't sleep at night because you want to be KNOWN

And you're craving to learn how

We can show you but are you

willing to be unconventional?

Watch this video and read below:

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Do you dare?

Do you really dare…

To get to the truth of who YOU are and have the courage to express that truth to the world?

Are you ready to OWN it, LIVE it, BE it?

Coming May 2023… 

Speak from your Power 

A 2.5 day in person training

By application only. 

This is…

Unlike any kind of ‘speaking’ training you have ever experienced

It’s easy to learn how to map out your talk or what you have to say and then learn a few tactics to speak it with confidence.

It takes enormous bravery to get in alignment with your mission on this planet, fully embody it on a visceral level and speak it from a deep place of truth and power.


When you have the courage to dig that deep, the masses will follow you and the impact you are craving to make…will be realized.

It’s all energy baby and people will feel it and be magnetized to you without even knowing why  (unless you want to work harder than you need to).

If you want to learn canned poses or gestures, be overly scripted and/or come across with that over the top ‘push’ energy, exit this page immediately. 

No posturing or egos allowed!

This is a “by application only,”  get shit done training experience for disruptors — leaders, speakers and business owners who are on a mission to change the world with their work and their message. 

If you dare… 

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